Project Schedule

(original version)(modifications)

Project duration: 12 weeks (23 may - 30 August)

weeks 1-3

Analysis of state-of-the-art in the boot process (what are the other distributions doing). Identify potential hot spots and order them considering which are the most promising solutions. Define a metric (or maybe metrices) to use when measuring the boot speed. Prepare webpage.

weeks 4-5

Measure the boot time in debian distributions from woody to sid. Analyse SUSE boot process as it considers dependencies.
MIDDLE OF WEEK 4 - Deliverable 1 Adjust to feedback on selected approach and implement hot spots.
END OF WEEK 4 - Milestone 1 : First implementation of promising hot spots for iteration.
Modify implementation from previous experience Improve boot time aiming for 30% shorter time.

weeks 6-8

Report bugs to BTS for missing or incorrect LSB headers. MIDDLE OF WEEK 6 - Deliverable 2
Implement remaining hot spots. Reorder and possibly add hot spots. Analyse how much more can the boot time be decreased. Implement changes.
END OF WEEK 6 - Milestone 2: Implementation changes.
Adapt code according to feedback and results.
END OF WEEK 6 - Deliverable 3
Publish first version of script that takes dependencies into account and checks LSB-compliance with guide for maintainers. Publish first version of patch to check LSB compliance in Lintian.
END OF WEEK 8 - Deliverable 4
Make webpage with information of LSB compliance of scripts.

week 9-11

Contact maintainers of scripts that need to be modified. Correct and adjust according to feedback and previous results. Continue making improvements in an iterative way. Debug and consider different platforms.
END OF WEEK 11 - Deliverable 5

week 12-14

Document the changes. Make bug reports to BTS and talk to package maintainers and upstream about possible bottlenecks discovered.
END OF WEEK 12 - Milestone 3 (Final code) and Deliverable 6.