Deliverable 1 (PDF)

Analysis of state-of-the-art in boot process for linux distributions and description of hotspots to speed up the process ordered by importance.
Make webpage to show progress and publish deliverables.

Deliverable 2 (PDF)

Describe implementation of first 5 hot spots with results concentrating on the most promising. Present results of debian boot process changes from woody to sid.

Deliverable 3 (PDF)

Implementation of remaining hot spots. Reorder hotspots by importance from previous results and possibly add new ones.

Deliverable 4 (PDF)

Implementation of new boot process based on results in an iterative way. Comparison with the current boot process and other platforms. Identify bugs.

Deliverable 5 (PDF)

Make available script checking dependencies (LSB-compliant) and publish web page for maintainers.

Deliverable 6

Final code and report published.